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Have even more cosplay progress (seriously It’s like nonstop sewing for me on my days off and I’m am totally okay with this. I’m either playing video games or sewing. Making my life a whole hell of a lot less stressful). There’s a LOOOOOOT I don’t like and might try to fix. One side of the zipper the seams is wrinking really bad and you can’t really tell from these photo’s but it really obvious in person. Plus I forgot to factor in the stretch around my hips so the T gets distorted. Also, I need to go buy some dance tights because it didn’t seem to matter how many times I layered the white, it’s still pretty see through. ;o; ANYWAY, this is what I did today. Still gotta make the gloves and the boots but then Terra will be done for DCC along with Kitty!

A shop keeper called me and destiny hiccup and toothless… Even after I told him I was arya from game of thrones (to which he wrinkled his nose and said he hated that show). So… Yeah guys, we are totally hiccup and toothless

I did a thing. I will never make a vest like that again, and if I do I will at least know how long it takes and how much more fabric and play accordingly. (It’s still not done. I ran out of cord so the entire back is just sewn together as are all the pieces… instead of being tied together with cording.) Also, I’m going to make different pants. I messed up the pair I was making big time due to trying to cut corners and be lazy… WHOOPS. So I just dyed and “weathered” some khaki’s…. which I didn’t really have time to do a lot of weathering. (Because I got done at about 4 am this morning WAHAHAAA ;o; )

So yeah, have some Arya Stark w.i.p.? (ALSO I LOVE VERSATILE WIGS THANK YOU ARDA… Haha this is my Syaoran, Hiccup, and now Arya wig)


Kaworu Nagisa from Evangelion 3.0 You can (not) redo  by Tatsuya

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More of a stupid cosplay update and shit I’ve been workin on. Finished up on Shadowcat and got the wig (Needs some lovin and some stylin). I should probably take some better full body pictures but whatever, still super pumped for DCC. NOW TO START ON TERRA. :D

Aaaaaaand  more ryuko stuff, got my wig and it needs a trim and probably a bit more red. Also probably won’t end up using this, maybe might not even finish it (unless I can get my hands on a foam cutter of some sort. but I tested out the wood glue/ plasti dip method on some of it and it definitely might work… but it’s still pretty terrible xD )


Stephanie Brown Cosplay by ~Kikala

Oh hey look it’s me! I ALSO HAVE GOOD PICTURES OF THIS COSTUME -flails- yet somehow the progress pic is all I ever see anyone upload. ;n; Also I need more pictures of the updated version

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Forgot to mention I made my Ryuko skirt the other day. The wig is on the way and I might actually try my hand at making her scissor blade on Sunday. I have a process I think may work, but I’m not sure. >.< I’m not confident at all in my prop making but I also don’t have a grand sum of money to commission some one at the moment. SO WE SHALL SEE

So… haven’t posted anything cosplay in awhile. I haven’t made much (other than a dress for a bootimoose wedding which are obviously the last images). But I’ve had a hankering to work on a costume again for AWHILE and my amazing boyfran let me steal some money to get some fabric for a few. (Gonna make some Attack on Titan jackets, one for me one for him. Imma makin Sasha… as well as Terra from Powergirl and Shadowcat) I started workin on Ryuko from Kill la kill. Debated for awhile on which costume to do and I wanna do some more exercisin before I do more midriff costumes again. Aha. ANYWAY, have some sewing things



"You’re not a monster,Elsa"


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