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((  My mun runs a geek fabric site, and she’s/I’m busy making a trial Tali/Garrus reversible hoodie… It’s got flaws, but that’s the point of a trial!  As I won’t need the trial run once I’m done, if anyone is a UKsize10 with a moderate bust - cup size B/C/D, I’m giving it away!  Will put finished pictures up soon, these are still ‘in the making’ - it isn’t perfect, but it fits well and looks like Garrus/Tali.  (Boys you can have it too… it’s just got a bit more boob room!)  It has good long sleeves and sits on the hips - I prefer garments long.

The issues are to do with matching patterns on seams - so armour from the front piece misses the matching back armour piece by 1cm, and I want to raise the shoulder armour by about 2cm, which is why I ran a trial run.  So it isn’t obvious from the front - it does look quite good for a trial!  

If you’re interested in this free Garrus/Tali reversable hoodie, you simply have to go and reblog one of my posts that you like the look of at retropopsugar.tumblr.com, I’ll send you a message when you’ve been entered into the draw.  I’ll post this bad boy anywhere in the world for free - photos and hoodie completion in 2 weeks, competition closes in 3 weeks. Yaaay!  

Please remember the pictures are of the project in progress - Garrus is missing an arm still!  You’ll obviously get the finished version!  xxx))

Competition - free Mass Effect hoodie!  Details above. x

This is so cool! O: