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Tangled inspired wedding!

Hey, thats ex-shadow’s wedding 

IT WAS SUCH AN ADORABLE WEDDING YOU GUYS. (and all the bridesmaids were Disney Princesses. :D )

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Tangled | Andells


Ohmygod. Her attempt at the smolder.

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This has been posted on tumblr a few times already, but the artist has finished the set and I thought I’d post the complete gallery, because I am so in love with this concept and get so excited when people combine history with art. (I’ve inserted the locations and dates Shoomlah narrowed for each princess just for funsies.)

Historically Accurate Disney Princesses! by Shoomlah

and because I didn’t have room to include her, here’s Cinderella

I would actually love to cosplay one of these versions. I love the depictions of them and Shoomlah’s style is simply the bees knees, dontchya know?